Family Law

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SIËSDE Dispute Resolution researches and develops tech based Family Law process solutions for Family Law Courts, Systems, Governance Organizations and Professionals.

SIËSDE Family Law Solution Plugins

Collaboration Platform

Professional collaboration Tools allow lawyers, mediators and financial professionals to collaborate easily and securely on the same client file.

System API

Generating API connectivity processes across relevent Family Law: client management, billing and document generation software.

Legal Document Generation

Generating Court and Legal documents directly from client data. Documents are interactive and
easily integrated with other document generation software.

Financial Disclosure

Digital Financial Disclosure Platform that minimizes client process times and maximizes professional efficiency.


ODIN is a central Solution and Data Hub that holds and integrates collaborative family law tools together.

Client Triage

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Client Triage utilizes AI information trees to align clients with relevant information and to direct consumers to the appropriate professionals.

Negotiation Tools

Developed specifically for Mediation and Collaborative Associations, this interactive tool allows professionals to link client files and lead clients visually through their negotiations.

Secure Document Vaults

Meeting and exceeding industry standards... prioritized client Security and Privacy facilitated by IBM Vault.

Marketing Sales Funnels

Tools and resources specific to the Family Law Industry that assist professionals in developing and utilizing marketing and sales funnels.

Research Data

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Family Law analytical data relevant to Family Law and specifically Ontario consumers and legal consumer trends.

Court Integration

Tools for Modernization committees and Access to Justice initiatives that facilitate cost effective and streamlined access to court systems.

Risk Management Processes

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Integrated processes that promote transparency and track client and professional transactions for the purposes of risk management policies and best practices standards.

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